Nagasaki castle in Japan

There's probably no better country in the world at balancing the old with the new than the nation of Japan. From futuristic robots to traditional geishas, there are countless cultural icons to be found in the Land of the Rising Sun – and now you can live in one of these icons for free. 

A guesthouse managed by Stay Japan is looking to crown two travelers "Lord and Lady of Hirado Castle" – and grant them one night's stay in the historic building, free of charge. The former home of Japanese warlord Matsura Shigenobu and the Matsura clan from 1599 until 1868, the elegant wooden castle was reconstructed in 1962 and outfitted with modern amenities.

The finalists will get more than just a bed to sleep in, too; they will be taken on a free tour of surrounding Nagasaki, go fishing with local fishermen for their breakfast, and enjoy the services of two security guards dressed as ninjas. To put your name into the running, participants must be over the age of 19 and apply through Stay Japan's contest page