From Harry Potter to unicorns to even blow jobs, it seems that cafes around the world have been embracing the wildest themes and gimmicks to gain the attention of new customers. Japan is the undisputed leader in this trend, with Tokyo alone being the birthplace of maid, owl, robot and even cuddle cafes; and now it has introduced the world's very first nap cafe.

The Nescafe Harajuku in the bustling district of Shibuya has long been known as a trendy and happening place to hang out for locals and tourists alike, hosting pop-ups such as the Kit Kat Museum and latte art printing machines. Their latest event is even more dreamy; from now until March 26, guests who purchase at least one food item will have the chance to take a two-hour nap in one of the cafe's ten fancy beds. 

Retailing at $9,000 each, these aren't any old IKEA mattresses either – the beds are electronically controlled and can recline to any angle you desire, and each nap room comes with customizable lighting and music-loaded Walkmans (who thought those were still around?). A complementary cup of decaf is also served before your nap, and a nicely caffeinated one of your choice will be ready on your bedside table when you awake. If that doesn't sound like the perfect way to take a break from your day, we don't know what is.

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