An aerial view of the island of Okinoshima in Japan

As if it wasn't weird enough that a newly-named UNESCO World Heritage Site was accessible only to men, it's now becoming even more exclusive. So exclusive, in fact, that actually no travelers will be allowed to go there. At all. Period.

Okinoshima Island is a tiny landmass off the coast of Japan, and was declared a UNESCO site just last week. Aside from its impressive status, however, it's home to some pretty strict rules, including how only men can visit, and how they need to bathe naked in the sea before they can step foot on land. 

Up until now, the island has allowed for 200 visitors per year, and all at one same time: an annual festival that lasts just two hours. Moving forward, however, no one will be allowed to visit — not even those naked men in the sea. According to The Jakarta Post, "Munakata Taisha, the shrine which owns Okinoshima, has decided to ban travel for anyone apart from priests from next year to protect the island from being damaged."

We have to admit, preservation is important, and we see tourist-related issues building in places like Venice, Croatia, and even Rome. Not only that, but we can consider this one small step for the women, and for equal rights when it comes to the accessibility (or rather, inaccessibility) of the island.

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