Perched up high on the ridge of Shimba Hills in Kenya, this Airbnb feels like it was inspired by one of Disney's most popular films, The Lion King. In particular, the moment when Simba is raised up over Pride Rock (making it highly unsuitable for anyone who suffers from acrophobia). 

Don't believe us? Here is the view from the Airbnb compared to the scene at Pride Rock.

From this vantage point, not only do you get to enjoy spectacular views over an elephant sanctuary, but you can even see the stunning Indian Ocean on a clear day.

Self described as a place for family, artists, musicians, lovers and group parties, the house is named Pumzikatu, which literally translates to "place of relaxation." On some mornings, guests awaken to find the house completely shrouded in mysterious clouds. This typically burns off quickly, revealing starlings and hundreds of other birds above a rich expanse where you can view elephants, giraffes and even the last breeding herd of rare sable antelopes (yes, binoculars are highly recommended).

As one of the largest coastal forests in East Africa, the Shimba Hills National Reserve is well known for stunning view points in addition to having the highest density of African elephants in Kenya. It is also home to the magnificent Sheldrick Falls, which is accessible via a footpath: however, it's recommended that you travel with a guide in case you run into a few elephants or buffalos along the way.

From Pumzikatu, you're also very close to Diani Beach, a bustling beach resort about an hour south of Mombasa. Alongside coral reefs, beach bars, restaurants and camel riding, Diani Beach is one of the most stunning beaches you've ever seen, with soft white sand and crystal clear waters.