One Day Only: Christmasfy your Beard at East London's Super Hipster Pop-Up

The hipster is a curious creature. Old fashioned yet modern, it feasts at jarstaurants, wears suspenders with skinny jeans, and grows giant beards. If you're of the sort and live in London, you should really venture over to the East Village (the former Olympic village) on December 11.

From 11am to 4pm, you will find the Pimp My Beard station at the already stylish Christmas Makers Market. Run by an expert beard stylist well versed in the way of facial hair decorating, guests can get Christmas lights woven into their beard. There's a variety of colors and styles to satisfy any want or need (however unnecessary), and should your beard game be not quite strong enough, they can also work the bright and cheery lights into your hair. 

So there you have it, hipsters; you can turn your face into a lit-up Christmas tree. If that's all become a little too 'mainstream' for you, you can combine Pimp My Beard with other trends like glitter beards and baubles for an ultimately festive face. The trouble is, how do you get it all out?