Brace yourselves, Potterheads, for something wonderful this way comes. An American tour company recently announced that all our most magical dreams are about to come true. Yes, a Harry Potter-themed cruise is coming to London's River Thames.

The one-week cruise is run by a luxury barge company called Barge Lady Cruises, and has apparently been in the works for quite awhile. Considering the first Harry Potter novel was released 20 years ago (yes, that makes us feel old too), that only makes sense.

Setting sail this summer (dates are available from August 5 - 11 and 19 – 25), the cruise will make stops at multiple filming locations for the eight Harry Potter films, including Virginia Water (where Harry first meets Buckbeak) and Picket Post Close (the actual location of 4 Privet Drive). Naturally, Warner Brothers Studios will also be tossed into the mix.

There is one little thing, though, that we wish we had the powers to change — the cost of said tour is $4,190 per person. Yeah, we're thinking we might have to bust out the invisibility cloak for this one. 

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