Between Harry Potter-themed makeup kits breaking the internet (FYI it was a hoax) and Harry Potter-themed dinners going viral (this wasn't a hoax and it was freaking amazing), the entire muggle world is unashamedly nerding out for all things Hogwarts. So we weren't suprised (read: girlishly excited) when yet another Potter-themed event popped up. Introducing, 'House of MinaLima'. 

As a new pop-up shop in London's suave Soho neighborhood, MinaLima showcases the talents of graphic designer duo, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the creative masterminds on several HP filmsets. While you likely won't recognize their names, you'll certainly be familiar with their handiwork, having illustrated everything from Sirius Black's 'wanted' poster to the Daily Prophet covers. That said, from now until February 2017 at MinaLima, you can snatch up Quidditch World Cup posters, Hogwarts Express postcards, Lockhart's book cover, or even a copy of Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter (you know, the one that flooded the Dursley's family home in the first film). Hell, this place even goes as far as having a huge Marauder's Map on the floor...we're a tad impressed.

The shop itself is located at 26 Greek Street in Soho, literally less than 200 feet from the West End production of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'. Also nearby is the place that started it all — Kings Cross Station and Platform 3/4 — where you can test your wizarding skills at running through the wall. Metaphorically speaking, that is... you do know you're definitely a muggle, right?

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