Friends making big party in the night

It isn't hard to imagine an entire home filled with IKEA furniture — it is the go-to home-furnishing store for almost every Millennial, after all. But then imagine having an outrageous, four-day house party in said IKEA-filled home. Yeah, now we're talking.

This is IKEA's actual plan: to host a four-day, four-night house party in London from October 18 to 21. Having initially opened back in 1987, the intention is to celebrate the mega-store's anniversary, and while you'll need a (free) ticket to attend at night (when the DJ's playing and the drinks are flowing), you can wander in during the day at any point, no ticket required.

Of course, the house is going to look pretty damn good, sparking tons of opportunities to snap that epic photo. Each of the four floors will be decorated in a different decade's style, and the accoutrements will match. Think prawn cocktails on the 80's floor, 90's dance music just one floor up, and at the top, a 'future' floor fresh from IKEA's lab. As for where we can find those addictive Swedish meatballs? Well, that's yet to be known.