Okay let's clarify something, shall we? Crocs might serve some kind practical purpose when it comes to gardening or outdoor water sports, but aesthetics is not a strong point of the plastic shoe. So you can imagine our baffled faces when news broke that one designer at London Fashion Week, Christopher Kane, thinks very differently.

Showcasing his collection at the Tate Britain gallery earlier this month, Kane opted to outfit his (otherwise beautifully dressed) models in these controversial clogs. Made out of thick, durable plastic and featuring ventilation holes, we still have no idea how Crocs ever went from function to fashion. 

It's since been revealed that Kane actually worked closely with designers at Crocs to create a bejeweled line for the show, embossed with gem stones and glitzy crystals. Unfortunately the attempt didn't fool us, though — if Crocs are in, we're out. #sorrynotsorry