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Situated in a small, narrow, London lane is one of the city’s hidden gems for young professionals and millennials seeking the prestigious ‘Ivy’ experience. Every day, The Ivy Café in Marylebone, London, offers a myriad of food options for those who aim to meet and enjoy a modest yet exquisite meal together - something young people are turning to more and more each year.

The Ivy Café describes itself as "bringing some of the familiarity of The Ivy brand to the ceaselessly chic Marylebone Lane", whilst at the same time offering the perfect location for any meal. With breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, the selection of dishes can appeal to anyone with a more modest budget than the rest of the Ivy Collection. Partnered with The Ivy and The Ivy: Grills & Brasseries, The Ivy Café operates to serve specifically the next generation of London entrepreneurs and professionals.

Whereas the more conventional and acclaimed The Ivy intentionally preserves its high-end brand of sophistication and elitism, its sister location dispels all rumours that those on a lesser budget can enjoy the perks from its reputable brand. With options from chicken liver parfait and seared yellow fin tuna to more conventional fish and chips and smoked salmon sandwiches, The Ivy Café has a wide range of dishes carefully designed and prepared to appeal to those with the most eclectic taste buds.

The overall atmosphere of The Ivy Café differs from its famous sister restaurant. Directly contrasting the old-fashioned and glamourous décor of The Ivy, its café branch places its emphasis on modesty and minimalism. The sleek white furniture accompanied by its hard and upright chairs makes it more millennial-friendly and suitable for those who oppose its historic pretence of elderly pomposity. However, its brand is everywhere: from the emblem on the soft napkins, to its famous logo printed across the menus and walls. It is difficult to forget the famous trademark, and for diners to consider themselves one of the group of people who eat at London’s most grandeur venues.

The staff greet all its visitors, both old and young, with the same respect as if they were visiting its sister restaurant. This welcome encourages the positive and relaxed environment which makes The Ivy Café such a pleasant experience. People can choose from their extensive bar menu which includes a slight twist on conventional cocktails – such as the choice of Cesar, Red Snapper, or Smoked Bloody Marys with garnish to complete the impeccable presentation.

Millennials are changing the way they eat. What was once a reason for basic nutrition, visits to restaurants are now a pivotal part for young business meetings, dates, or reasons to catch up with friends and contemporaries. The Ivy Café is the perfect alternative for those who wish to seek a sophisticated yet trendy experience on a more reasonable budget. Remaining true to its predecessor, it promises all the same quality and unique familiarity without the feeling of intruding on a dated practice of its usual pomposity. Millennials are the future, and The Ivy Café is there to serve them.

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