England's capital is hardly known for its good weather, especially during what has to be the world's glummest month, February. But now Londoners or visitors can benefit from the near-to-constant rain: by getting free pints of London Pride beer every time it makes an appearance.

You're probably thinking this sounds a little too good to be true, but let us assure you it's not. Fuller's Brewery is running the ridiculous/ cool campaign all month, and anyone wanting in on free beer simply has to follow @London_Pride on Twitter, then Tweet and ask for a free pint as soon as the inevitable downpour starts. You'll be given a free pint code (one free code per person, per day) and can simply redeem it at your nearest Fuller's pub (find one here). 

The best part of all this, however, is the genuine live broadcast that can be found on London Pride's Twitter page. Not only do Tweets proclaim statements such as "London weather is rubbish, but the beer is great" and "if rain falls from the skies, beer flows from our taps", but well-known weatherman Michael Fish is in on the mischief too. Yep, the man behind years of BBC weather reports is starring in the promos for the campaign. 

So many fun things to cheers to we don't know where to begin...though free drinks in London is a pretty decent start.

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