If you happen to find yourself in London anytime soon, you might notice a new craze on the streets: ice cream cones with a cotton candy halo. Debuted from Milk Train café, this dreamy-looking, tasty concoction is the summer anthem of Covent Garden. Play it cool and note that London street talk refers to the popular treat as “soft-serve with candy-floss”.

The Japanese-inspired café features the treat in three flavors: vanilla, hojicha (roasted green tea), and matcha. Like any quality treat place (or company looking to make profit) the café encourages additional toppings.

The best part besides the £3.50 - £3.95 ($4.50) price-point? The candy-floss halo not only satiates our never-ending sweet tooth, but serves as a barrier between ice cream and hand for a surprisingly clean eat. Who would’ve thought you could replace napkins with a cloud of sweet candy-floss?

We suspect this unique treat will replace coffee dates in no time at all. Get on the Milk Train before the sun disappears.