Amid a wave of trendy new vegan eateries comes an anomaly that has all carnivores seriously salivating. Moving away from vego-friendly fried cauliflower and eggplant stews, comes a new meat-loving establishment in East London; Little Smoke.

Don't be fooled by the name though, Little Smoke offers anything but “little” dishes. According to London the Inside, the restaurant will specialize in large meat portions, including native and rare-breed animals, sourced from independent farmers, as well as wines from family growers and co-ops. Considering the meat is butchered on-site at sister restaurant, Smokehouse, the menu changes daily and features whatever happened to be butchered that day. Think pork belly and ribs to lambchops and whole beef shin, served with sides like burnt chili greens and roasted sweet potato.

This focus on meat quality and traceability to the point of butcher is an especially nice touch in a world of mass-produced and ethically-questionable meat. Now open in City Point, London, Little Smoke is sure to please as a meat-centric dining experience, managing a quaint, country feel while satisfying the most ferocious of appetites.