a peek at London's prison-themed bar, Alcotraz

Anyone who's binged on Orange is the New Black, Prison Break, or any other prison-related TV show knows that the goal is always to get out of prison. Now in a twisted turn of events, the goal is to get in, and you only have three months to make it happen.

Of course, we aren't encouraging you to take part in any actual crimes. Rather, we're encouraging a visit to London's upcoming prison-themed bar, Alcotraz (yes, there's a booze pun hidden in there). Opening on September 28th at 212 Brick Lane, the pop-up cocktail bar is set to stay open for just three months, hoping to provide a 'unique escapism' for guests. 

Interestingly enough, the bar has a BYOB policy, so you'll need to bring a liquor of your choice to be turned into a cocktail by the mixologists. From there, you can slip into a classic orange jumpsuit, smuggle your contraband past the guards, and settle into a cell while you sip away your sentence of a maximum 1.45 hours. Not a bad way to do your time, or spend £30.