semen cooking class

Gag reflexes are officially in motion. Who...? Why...? So many questions... As advertized on popular class-booking website, Wonderush, a Cooking With Semen class has been proposed in London, which if enough participants sign up, will be held in Shoreditch.

A first of its kind in the cosmopolitan city, the class will involve an expert chef teaching participants how to cook up a three-course meal starring, you guessed it, actual semen. Dishes are said to include chicken with spicy jerk sauce (no pun intended), a semen-salted caramel dessert, and some tasty semen cocktails that you'll apparently want to swallow. Schlong island iced teas, anyone?

The semen is BYO though, so you'll need to provide at least five tablespoons of the stuff from either yourself or a partner (or a really, really, really, really close friend). Like most ingredients, fresher is better, but it's okay to save some in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days (just give your roommate a heads up). 

We can't say we're completely on board with it, but interest is certainly undeniable. The only catch is that the class will only go forward if there's enough interest — at least 30 people need to sign up. If you're game enough to give it a go, we'd love to hear about your experience.