gold and expensive ice cream snow flake luxury gelato

London-based department store, Selfridges is no stranger to a bit of retail theatre, famously known for stocking a £160,000 nail polish that incorporates 267 carats of black diamonds in the actual polish as well as having a bottle cap made using 60 black diamonds - among other lavish products. And now, to get the attention of shoppers eager to find their next slice of luxury, they have announced the launch of their £99 ice cream cone ($127 to you and me).

This exclusive sweet treat, aptly named 'The Billionaire' promises to be 100 times better than the famous 99 pence soft serve and comes in a hand prepared cone dipped in rare 75% Criollo cocoa single plantation Madagascan chocolate. But of course, it doesn't end there. The luxury few that get their hands on one of these bad boys will find layers of Persian blue salted caramel gelato inside, alongside spheres of gelato in mango, passionfruit and ginger flavours and a sprinkling of caramelised pecans. Did we mention there's also a Belgian white chocolate truffle filled with salted caramel sauce on top of this masterpiece and a raspberry sorbetto macaroon decorated with white chocolate glaze? 

If you're wondering where the price tag comes from, the edible diamonds and 24-carat gold leaf and a Flake will hopefully answer your questions. 'The Billionaire' is exclusively available at Snowflake Gelato in Selfridges Food Hall on Oxford Street.

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