the Finnish rooftop sauna coming to London

As October begins, a lot of cities around the world are beginning to see their temperatures drop — London included. But the British capital needn't worry about warmth this season, as a Finnish rooftop sauna is opening to the public.

From Friday November 10 to Thursday January 4, The Finnish Rooftop Sauna will be open in the roof garden of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Over these eight weeks, guests will be able to visit the sauna, learn about steaming stones and other authentic aspects of the experience, and even enjoy a bite at the Garden Bar, which will be serving prosecco, warm winter drinks, and snacks.

As for the sauna itself, 70-minute sessions will be open to both genders and will host up to 16 people at any one time. As the outside air gets cooler, the translucent huts will warm to nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit, where you can sit back to sweat out your toxins as you take in the beautiful views of the River Thames and London skyline. Should you get a little too warm, you can either cool down in the open air or use buckets of cold water to become more comfortable.