a person on the streets looking to the Camden Lock, Camden London

As one of the worlds most visited cities, it’s hardly surprising that London holds no shortage of stunning spots that are guaranteed to up your Instagram game. From iconic landmarks to quirky and conveniently photogenic locations, London has it all. You’d be a fool to put your camera down whilst exploring any and every part of this beautiful city. 

Old London Road, Kingston

Getting a picture of a red photo booth is an unwritten rule during your visit, but head over to Richmond and voila - you’ve got a classic snapshot with a twist. These slanted phone booths placed in a domino effect fashion are promised to add an extra arty factor to the usual touristy snap.


St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Considered to be one of London’s most romantic buildings amongst the hustle and bustle of central London, this is a place of interior design galore. The staircase is particularly impressive, adding to the grand ambiance and is definitely one to boast and post about. 


Primrose Hill

If you’re looking for views of London’s picture perfect skyline, Primrose Hill is one of your best bets. Taken from a place of serenity, with the busy streets and towering skyscrapers offering a stunning backdrop, you’ll experience the best of both worlds here. 


The Churchill Arms, Kensington

What could be more British than a pub with charm and character, plastered (pun intended) with flowers? Once you’ve finished filling your camera roll with this little beauty, you can head inside for a refreshing drink to relax and take in your surroundings.


Millennium Bridge 

Nicknamed the wobbly bridge for its temperament to sway, the Millennium Bridge links several famous landmarks: St Pauls Cathedral, Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe meaning it can be photographed from every angle. When lit up at night it makes for an even more spectacular setting, but be sure to arrive early in the day or late at night so that it’s free from crowds.


Bywater Road, Chelsea

This pretty pastel street adds a splash of color to London’s grey streets and proves that this city is a cut above the rest, even when it comes to your average residential road. A simple yet stylish spot that makes for a lovely walk when you’re missing the sunshine in your life.


Neil’s Yard, Covent Garden

Bursting with more colors than the rainbow, Neil’s Yard is an area just a short walk away from the tourist center of Covent Garden. This vibrant spot is sure to get some Insta love from your followers.


Camden Lock, Camden

Whether you’re looking for chic or elegant photo backdrop you’re bound to find something in every nook and cranny of this place. A collation of colors, cultures and styles reflect what London is all about in this small corner of the city.


Old Royal Naval Gallery, Greenwich

An exquisite architectural centerpiece that is just as fascinating from the inside as it is out, you’re sure to get some treasures here. The ceiling paintings are breathtaking, along with a haven of underground tunnels, murals, and a much-needed observatory.


Daunts Books, Marylebone

With shelves packed in a stylish, photogenic layout, this is every bookworm’s dream. Large paneled windows which look out onto the rush of Londoners flood the room with Insta-worthy lighting. 


Wilton’s Music Hall, Whitechapel

It’s as if time is frozen when you enter this music hall, which makes sense seeing as it’s the oldest standing hall in the world. A classic and graceful vibe fills these four walls as two time periods collide.