a beautiful business woman dressing pink suit and drinking a coffee walking the streets on a sunny day

Cute coffee shops are in no short supply in London, but with so many to choose from sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. If they all seem to tick the right boxes, how do you choose? Well, coffee shop owners around the British capital have been fighting tooth and nail to get you to look their way by coming up with increasingly niche selling points. Here, we take a look at a few that made us sit up.

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The Regency Café, Westminster

Since 1946, this black-tiled art deco gem has been serving up plates of greasy fry-up goodness to, er, the less discerning customer. Tucked away in the side streets of Westminster, it’s only a 10-minute walk from the Houses of Parliament, where a constant supply of authentic-experience seeking tourists provide it constant nourishment. A deed returned.


Newens: The Original Maids of Honour, Richmond

Just a stone’s throw away from the wondrous Kew Gardens, Maids of Honour is a quaint and friendly British café possessing the sugar-sweet intensity of Dolores Umbridge’s office. Less “Deep down, you know that you deserve to be punished. Don’t you, Mr. Potter?”, we’re happy to say. Luckily the staff here are much friendlier and will guide you through their marvelous menu of teas and brunch treats with pleasure. It’s been around for circa 300 years so they must be doing something right.


Biscuiteers Boutique & Icing Café, Notting Hill

Walking around Notting Hill can make even a clouded rainy day feel like a charmed treat, but if it does get unbearably wet outside we advise that you seek salvation at Biscuiteers, a bakery coffee shop where you can have a go at designing your own biscuits all the while sipping on a well-crafted coffee. With a huge foray of signature gifts and treats on offer in their adjoining Parisian style boutique, you’ll struggle to make it out without a little treat to take home. But go on, you deserve it.


Ziferblat, Shoreditch

Despite having to ring a bell to be granted access to this Russian-style tea room, you’ll feel nothing but welcome and wanted whilst the friendly staff provide you with their soul-warming teas and tasty cakes. On top of all that, everything inside is free. They have board games, settees, instruments, a record player and a “help yourself” kitchen filled with teas and coffees! It’s pay-by-the-minute, but donations are welcome.


Draughts, Hackney

London’s first board games café. With a catalog of over 500 games to choose from, this café is bursting at the seams with options. Progressing together through a game makes for a fun activity with friends, and can help a conversation move forward with people that need a little help loosening up. There’s an energy of good times hanging in the air here, sweetened only by the smell of baked goods ready to eat.   


Hurwendeki, Cambridge Heath

Turn your head to the right, a Korean café and restaurant, turn your head to the left, a boutique budget salon offering haircuts for less than £15. Caught in the middle, but in a good way, Hurwendeki (or ‘hair’ in the Jeju dialect of Korean in which owner Ki speaks) is a concept café that’s just seen through its first decade. Still packed to the brim ten years later, it's a must-visit on your next trip to London.


The Green Room Cafe, Stoke Newington

The one-stop-shop for all things sweet, this Stoke Newington café has you walk through a bright flower shop foliage before making it into a clearing of tables abuzz with the sound of chinking cups on saucers. The air feels fresh and light, and once enhanced with a flat white it really helps you get your thoughts in order for the day ahead.