Pantone Airbnb

If you've been feeling blue this January, or simply want a break from London's constant grayness, you might want a new pop of color in your life: namely, the lush green that's transformed our fav new Airbnb into an insane rainforest. Confused? Well, we'll explain more. The ‘Outside In’ home is owned by Pantone (yes, the paint company) to promote their PANTONE Colour of the Year 2017, a zesty yellow-green that's super nature-esque.

But, the house itself is more exciting than the color (soz, Pantone). Located in the trendy design district of Clerkenwell, it literally brings the Amazon rainforest to London. Firstly, visitors enter a woodland reception and from there they're taken into the indoor greenhouse (a dining room with its very own herb garden). The best part, however, is the bedrooms and bathrooms. The former includes an adorable tented nook; the latter has both a so-called "rainforest room" with showers, and a "tropical lagoon" (which we gather is some sort of swanky bath). 

All in all, a pretty cool plant-filled experience for £200 ($250 USD) per night, especially thanks to the refreshments that are provided. These include locally-made teas by Hackney Herbal, fresh locally-made bread, and cold-pressed juices from Mother Juice Works at Hackney Wick.

The clean eating vibes also translate into some pretty hippy house rules that include "do bring positive energies", "do recycle and use the compost bin" and, best of all, "don't water the plants - this is a house to relax in, and Groundskeeper Joe Radium is on hand to tend to their needs."

Last but not least, all proceeds go to AIGA, the professional association for design, so you can feel good about supporting the arts (and environment), while staying in one of the most unique accommodations in all of London. Sold yet?