Woman looking at the view from train

When Eurostar debuted in London 23 years ago, it changed the face of travel within Europe; Londoners could suddenly pop by Paris for brunch, Brussels for beer tasting, or Marseille for a beach-filled weekend. And now Amsterdam has been added as the newest destination in the high-speed train's roster.

Slated to open by the end of 2017, the direct Dutch route will take just under four hours to traverse. With only two trains per day to start, travel to the capital of the Netherlands will likely prove to popular, and additional times are predicted to soon follow. An additional service from London to Rotterdam are also in the works.

While no word has gone out on when exactly these tickets will be available, we do know that they won't differ too significantly from Eurostar's $59 one-way fares. They will also operate on the new e320 train series, making the trip as luxurious and efficient as it gets. 

Need more reasons to visit Amsterdam? King's Day is the biggest Dutch parade of the year: