We're all familiar with the Coca-Cola London Eye, but as far as our experience with it goes, it's limited to short, roundabout trips on the wheel. Gorgeous, but fleeting.

Now, TripAdvisor is offering the chance to be the first person ever to spend the night in the Eye. That's right, they're decking it out (along with design company Wayfair) to transform one of the capsules into a full-fledged rental home. According to the contest entry page, it might just be "the coolest rental home ever. And considering the number of properties available for rent on [their] site — 835,000 and counting — that's a big statement."

All you need to enter is your first and last name, email, and date of birth. Beyond that, it's all up to luck. A winner will be chosen before the end of the month, with the lucky person (and a guest of their choice) climbing into their not-so-humble abode on the evening of the 30th. 

Basically, it's an incredible opportunity to sleep at 443 feet above London with a 360° view. I mean, penthouse views almost look pathetic in comparison, and that's certainly saying something.