For many, the perfect vacation involves ultimate relaxation in the form of a sandy beach, a good book and a cocktail in hand — but those who enjoy an adrenaline rush while traveling will likely enjoy a visit to London's Hollow Hotel.

The serial killer-inspired hotel invites guests to escape their own murder, which the website calls "an immersive interactive psychological horror that draws inspiration from the historical events surrounding America’s first and most terrifying serial killer – H.H.Holmes – the man whose preferred instrument of murder was a hotel."

But it won't be easy. Brave guests will have to figure out how to escape their way out of five labyrinths and traps, where listening to whispers in the winding corridors may cause them to lose their way in the house of horrors.

The event is being put on by DifferenceEngine, the theater group whose first immersive experience, "Heist," ended up running for nine months rather than three weeks due to its huge demand. To find out more, or to book, visit the Hollow Hotel website.

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