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Whether you're from the UK or you're thinking of moving over there, you'll likely know that London is considered one of the most pricey cities - not just in the UK - but in the entire world. But according to a new survey by popular radio show, BBC Women's Hour, it might not be the best city for women to live either.

The survey looked at issues including gender pay gap, statistics of older women living alone, unemployment figures and female life expectancy, and found women living in the London neighborhood of Islington ranked highest of anywhere in the UK on those factors. Female residents in Islington also reported the lowest levels of happiness, life satisfaction, and feelings that their life is worthwhile. It did, however, score more highly in terms of culture and education.

The City of London, Westminster, and Camden were also in the bottom ten local authority areas, according to the study. Among the best were two areas of Scotland, East Dunbartonshire, and East Renfrewshire, followed by areas just outside of London, West Oxfordshire and West Berkshire. You can see the best and worst in the list below:

1. East Dunbartonshire, Scotland
2. East Renfrewshire, Scotland
3. West Oxfordshire, South East
4. West Berkshire, South East
5. South Oxfordshire, South East
6. Winchester, South East
7. Mid Sussex, South East
8. Wycombe, South East
9. Stafford, West Midlands
10. Shropshire, West Midlands

1. Islington, London

2. Blackpool North West
3. Corby, East Midlands
4. Boston, East Midlands
5. Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire and The Humber
6. Burnley, North West
7. City of London, London
8. Westminster, London
9. Wolverhampton, West Midlands
10. Camden, London