Adam Vu tattooing at his Los Angeles pop-up

When it comes to tattoo artists who have worked on all seven continents, only two people have actually done it. The first is Lyle Tuttle, who began tattooing in 1949 and took decades to complete his travels before wrapping it all up at the ripe age of 82. The other is Adam Vu — a 31 year-old artist from Southern California who's recently opened a pop-up ink shop in LA. 

Known as the second person to have tattooed on all seven continents and the first to have been tattooed on all seven continents, Vu can pretty much claim the title of the 'world's most traveled tattoo artist.' Having set out on his 30th birthday in January 2016 with the goal, it took him just about a year to complete it. He traveled with only three tattoo machines, five shirts, and one pair of pants, but he recalls the adventure as the greatest one he's ever known. As he told LA Weekly, "the best day of my life was the day I tattooed seven dash marks for the seven continents on my own hand surrounded by curious penguins in Antarctica. 

Now that he's settled back in his home city, he's got a slightly different goal in mind — to bring his talents (and those of the artists he met abroad) to LA for a single month. Throughout this May (or the two weeks that are now left of it) Vu will be hosting tattoo artists from all over the globe at StrangeLove, his pop-up shop at Reddin Gallery (1495 Beverly Blvd) in Westlake. The shop will showcase some of the art and concepts he's collected from his travels, and allow for Angelenos to get inked by some seriously worldly talent.

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