With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, lovers, friends with benefits, and others around the world are racking their brains of what's appropriate. It's a tricky task, singling out that one gift that neither says too much nor too little, and depending on your circumstances, it could come at a cost. 

According to the Valentine's Day Price Index 2017 conducted by online florist, Bloomy Days, this fact is particularly true for those living in Los Angeles. Ranked as the most expensive city in the world to celebrate love, it had the highest costs for two of the five categories: day at the spa (averaging around $141) and night in a luxury hotel ($535). The other three categories —a dozen red roses, a michelin-star dinner with wine, and cinema tickets with snacks— were slightly lower than another city, but only just. Apparently your best bet in the City of Angels is the cinema with snacks (surprise, surprise), at about $40 total.  

Alternatively, the cheapest city in the world, Prague, rounds out at a total of $458 for all five categories put together. That's less than not one, but two singular categories in LA, and a whopping $858 less overall. So may we suggest a trip to Prague for those Los Angeles lovers? Surprisingly enough, you could buy return flights to the Czech captial, enjoy all the same activities you would in LA, and still save money. Yeah, we know.

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