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Poke, pronounced poh-keh, is the newest foodie trend sweeping Los Angeles. Tuna salad is back in style with this Hawaiian dish made out of marinated cubed raw fish. The best part is, you can have poke any way you want it. Building your own bowl requires the decision to choose from a variety of rice, noodles, toppings and sauces. With all this decision-making, you’ll surely need a guide to find the best poke bowl in the city. It’s now poke’s turn to shine bright like a diamond in LA’s food scene!  

MYO Sushi

If you’re new to the poke scene, MYO Sushi  in West Covina, is the best place to start when discovering this Hawaiian dish. MYO, stands for Make Your Own, but you won’t be alone in making the decision. They make it pretty easy for you, as you only need to select one protein, three topics and a sauce. You definitely won’t be overwhelmed with options, making it a good choice for the poke newbies.


Poké Bar

Poke Bar

, in the Hollywood Hills on Sunset Blvd, is known for having the freshest tasting raw seafood, without breaking the bank. It’s convenient and non-pretentious, so you can enjoy a healthy lunch with ease. Known for its unique quinoa and gluten-free poke options, if you’re looking for creative bowls, this is your place. It is also close to the popular Sunset Plaza mall, so after your lunch, you can burn those calories while shopping.



This restaurant, also in Hollywood right by the infamous Chinese Theatre, delivers poke with a slight variation – as in poki, a new style of sushi, derived from the Hawaiian dish poke. While it pays respect to the original poke, it also adds new combinations and flavors to take it to a new level, such as yellowtail and octopus. PokiNometry  is also a good spot for newcomers in LA who want to get a taste of the classic attractions.


Sweetfin Poke

This popular lunch spot in Santa Monica offers signature bowls and “Build Your Own Bowl” options. From Classic Tuna, to Mango Albacore, each bowl is made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Sweetfin even have vegetarian options, for those of us not in love with the sea, such as the Shiitake Chile Tofu and the Vegetable Poké, which features sweet potato and carrots. It is 10 blocks from Santa Monica’s 3rd street promenade, one the best shopping destinations in the city.


Snociety Urban Eatery

When a dish makes it to Downtown LA, specifically Little Tokyo, it means it finally made the big leagues. Snociety Urban Eatery , the first and only poke restaurant in DTLA, offers colorful poke bowls in a chic yet chill environment. Known for its homemade spicy sauce and unique drink offerings, such as Coffee Toffee Boba, this place goes over and beyond to please any foodie.


Poke – Poke

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to Poke-Poke …you almost wouldn’t believe this hole in the wall, located in Venice, would offer the freshest poke bowl in the city. Made for on the go, while you explore Venice Beach, this spot sticks with the classics and offers the original Hawaiian poke with a few variations, to make it sweeter or spicier.

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