While always substantial in Japan, ramen was often the sad desk dinner of American college students and starving artists. Done right, however, this protein-packed noodle soup is laden with delicious additions like eggs, veggies, roasted garlic and dried seaweed. JINYA Ramen Bar, an authentic international chain, is taking things one step further by introducing a new and exclusive version to their Los Angeles locations.

For $18 USD, just ten lucky diners per day can score the delicious lobster ramen, made with shrimp and pork broth, green onions, brussels sprouts, an egg, and crispy lobster and shrimp wontons. According to Instagram, a giant red lobster head, antennae and all, completes the photo-worthy dish.

The 'Lobster Me Happy' bowl is only available at the Studio City  and West Hollywood locations of JINYA, which have become the testing grounds for creative, elegant takes on ramen from noodle mastermind, Tomo Takahashi (last year, the bowl de mode featured truffle shavings). The limited availability obviously adds to the intrigue, and as savvy chefs know, the more exclusive the dish, the more we have to have it. Dedicated foodies are lining up early for their chance to get their hands on the fresh dish, but still not everyone is successful. 

Even if you’re the latter, Jinya gives us plenty of reasons to drool. Founder Takahashi wanted to bring the traditional ramen of his childhood in Japan to California with fresh, handmade noodles, and thick, rich broth — a major step up from the boiling water and foil-sachet seasoning combo of our college days. More readily available flavors include spicy chicken, cha-cha-cha (garlic lovers), spicy creamy vegan ramen, and an endless array of DIY creations from the customizable menu. Prives range from $11 to $14 for the main menu options and increase based on premium ingredients added.