The Friend LA

Ah, Silver Lake, LA. The epicenter of all that is hip(ster). Every City has one: London has Shoreditch, New York has Williamsburg, Paris has Rue Amelot, and Portland has, well, Portland. Whether you are or aren’t into skinny jeans and irony, we can all agree that these neighborhoods tend to have the coolest bars. Silver Lake’s newest watering hole is no exception.

The Friend is the newest place in LA to get your drink on in style, having just opened this New Year's Eve. The exterior is pastel pink and plastered with weird-looking faces (in a cool way, promise). Inside you’ll find more faces on the walls, along with other pieces of artsy decor (by artists such as Kenny Sharf, Aaron Rose, and Tofer Chin), like a painted up pinball machine, red-and-white-striped awnings, and a sizable disco ball. The menu, though, is the real reason to check out this new Silver Lake spot.

The food is an eclectic mix, featuring bar dishes like pommes frites, charcuterie, and a couscous bowl, all of which is less than $20. Let’s be honest though, nobody goes to a Silver Lake bar just for the food. The drinks menu is another mix of inventive libations, with cocktails such as The Face (Elyx vodka, black tea, cucumber, mint, lime, and ice), The Hustler (Mestizo mezcal, habanero, vanilla, lime, agave, served neat), or The Lover (a shot of bourbon and Peroni), all of which will cost you $12 (except for The Lover, which is only $9). #Winning