From July 21 to 23, Los Angeles will be home to FYF Fest — an annual music festival with some of the hottest headliners in the game. With this year teasing of Frank Ocean, Missy Elliott, and Nine Inch Nails, you're going to need to keep your stamina up to see it all, and we've got just the fix. From fully loaded dogs to pizza-topped burgers (and pretty much everything in between), these are the top five foods to fuel you at FYF.


There's nothing like a burger in the summer. There's also nothing like a good pizza, anytime. Enter Meatzilla, who artfully created a burger where the bun is a pizza. Yeah, you heard that right.

Yeastie Boys Bagels

We know how festivals go, and so we know what it's like to wake up hungover. Take care of that with a stuffed, dripping breakfast bagel from Yeastie Boys Bagels. It's a way more delicious alternative to hair of the dog therapy.

The Halal Guys

A gyro and chicken staple from coast to coast, The Halal Guys simply had to make this list. Grab a wrap or a platter, and slather it in that signature white or red sauce. You know you want to.

Sumo Dog

Take a hot dog, add the word sumo, and we're in. Fully loaded links are served up at Sumo Dog, topped with classic or even Asian flavors. Think bacon wrapped, panko crusted, and even slathered in hayashi beef gravy.

Little Damage

This list simply wouldn't be complete without a sweet treat to top it all off. But don't worry, Little Damage doesn't dish out those unicorn-themed creations that the guys would be embarassed to tote around. No, this is charcoal soft-serve goodness.

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