Attention Angelenos: if you haven't already heard, there's a new museum coming to town that's guaranteed to make you scream. For ice cream, that is. All terrible jokes aside, the Museum of Ice Cream is a dreamy pop-up that promises to wow your eyes in addition to wowing your palate. Originally staged in NYC last summer, this new West Coast location will be four times larger than its predecessor and involve collaborations from some of the best ice cream masters and artists in town.

But this isn't the kind of exhibit you're going to want to explore alone. Rather, we suggest taking your sweetheart (or soon-to-be sweetheart) on a sweet escape to this urban ice cream playground in the Arts District. In fact, we highly recommend it. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. There is no better place for a cute couple selfie than in the museum's rainbow sprinkle pool. Yes, that's right: a sprinkle pool. We imagine it'll be pretty similar to the viral one in NYC.
  2. Pro tip: maximize the number of ice cream samples you can try when you share them with a partner. For example, instead of trying only three flavours by yourself, the two of you can split and try six each. It's math. McConnell's, Salt & Straw, Coolhaus and CREAM will all present for you to share away.
  3. There will also be a rotating "scoop of the week" feature to share.
  4. Add to the massive 10,000-banana banana split together.
  5. Show your date your adventurous side by exploring the mysterious Melted Ice Pop Jungle.
  6. Show your date your naughty side by exploring the mint "grow house".
  7. Get a souvenir of this day spent with your lover by purchasing a "bottled ice cream scent". So everytime you wear your Rocky Road perfume, memories of your date – as well as a hoard of bees – will follow you.

Tickets go on sale April 3rd at 9:00 am.