LA’s hidden bar game just got way stronger. New York may have plenty of secret speakeasies in dark alleys and old toy stores, but the west coast hides them in plain sight. Popular Santa Monica beer garden, Ashland Hill, has introduced a gin and tonic bar inside the joint’s old taproom, and we're totally loving it.

We aren’t using the term “gin and tonic bar” loosely, either. The menu at Ashland Hill Brick Bar consists solely of gin and tonic variations. Legendary mixologist, Vincenzo Marianella, has carefully crafted a menu with over 60 different gins and unique ingredients (that are also local) like yuzu and homemade honey ginger syrup. These bright and vibrant ingredients come together with gin styles like London Dry, Old Tom, and Genever to create some truly inventive cocktails.

This is part of a recent influx of gin across LA — it's one of the easier spirits for distilleries to make, and its smooth flavor makes for a great liquor to experiment with. The result is a wide range of variations that pretty much anybody can enjoy, especially when paired with offerings from Ashland Hill's mouthwatering menu. May we suggest the charred shishito mac and cheese with an adult root beer float?