The glamping tent at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles

Camping isn't for everyone, and that's a pretty fair fact. Between sleeping on the ground, peeing in the bush, and trying to cook your meals over an open flame, things can get pretty rough. Such is the reason that glamping has come to exist — a glamourized version of camping that brings the comforts of everyday luxuries to your tent. 

Now taking things yet another step further, you can actually go glamping at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles. And not just any luxury hotel — we're talking the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire, perched at the end of the opulent Rodeo Drive. Complete with a 2,140 square-foot terrace and sweeping views of the city, the 'tent' that comes with the Veranda Suite is furnished with a queen size bed, night stands, marble lamps, fur rugs, and even a crystal chandelier. 

Oh, but that's not all. That ridiculously-sized patio is bedecked with lounge furniture, a fire pit, and a dining table set for eight guests. You know, in case you actually want to spend time outdoors. And at $3,500 a night, you'd better believe the dinner served to that table isn't simply hot dogs and baked beans. No, it's a meal inspired by camping, with frozen rosé, Wagyu beef, seasonal vegetables, and a s'more for dessert that's made from ganache, caramelized milk, and a cinnamon stick burnt by a torch.