Those of us living in North America tend to look to our European neighbours with envy. With so many countries so close together, travel is a breeze, often costing less than $100 to get from one country to the next. Now thanks to a new budget airline, those living in the US can travel all the way to Europe for not much more than it costs for them to jet around. Yes, it's finally happened.

The new airline is titled LEVEL, and was announced just days ago as a cost-efficient, long haul carrier that will begin flying this coming June. The first few flights will be from Barcelona to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and Punta Cana, with one-way fares beginning around $150 USD. Naturally, more locations will be added to their route once the carrier, um, takes off.  

The jet fleet of Airbus A330's are sparkling new, and offer mood lighting, personal entertainment, in-flight Wi-Fi, and a great selection of food, according to their website.

It's worth noting, though, that as with other budget airlines, there's likely to be added fees for added luxuries. If you want to pick your seat, check your luggage, or order some of that food, your budget will need to allow for a little extra room. That said, the Airfare Spot is seeing some discounted rates from Los Angeles in the peak summer months, so that might just make all the room you need.