Maldives hot air balloon Festival ocean sunset sail colour sky color

Blue lagoons, white coral islands, unparalleled sunsets... with all these assets, it's hard to imagine the Maldives being any more perfect than it already is. But apparently it is possible – and a brand new festival will be bringing another level of beauty to the famous tropical island.

Private company Unix Sporting has partnered with the Maldives Ministry of Youth and Sports to create the very first Maldives Hot Air Balloon Festival, aiming to give locals and visitors alike a new point of view over the Indian Ocean. Taking place May 19 and 20 in the nation's capital of Malé, each balloon ride accommodates four passengers for the stunning price of $46 USD.

Hot air balloon rides are not easily found on islands, and the Maldives festival will be one of the first opportunities to take to the skies in Indian Ocean waters. And if you're worried about floating away into the sea, worry not; the rides will be operated according to the strictest operation and equipment standards. For tickets and updates on events, follow the Maldives Hot Air Balloon Festival here.

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