The popularity of social media platforms like Instagram has opened up a gateway to a network of 'influencers' - many of whom attract such a huge following that they decide to ditch their day job in favor of a luxury travel lifestyle. And with over 400 million Instagrammers every day, some are going to drastic lengths to get the perfect shot. While some climb on top of buildings, others order food simply because it looks good in a photo - and now - hotels are paying people to take your vacation snaps for you.

Yep, this five-star Conrad Hilton Resort on the island of Rangali now has 'Instagram Butlers' who assist Instagr-addicts in finding the resort's most photogenic spots. If you're a guest at the hotel, you can ask to be guided around 'Instagram Trails' that feature the best sandy spots and restaurants for a great shot - including the hotel's very own undersea restaurant, Ithaa.

In between shoots, you can enjoy food cooked by celebrity chef, Jereme Leung, or take part in beach yoga. Sounds like Millennial heaven if you ask us.