Typical tropical vacations usually lead us to to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and more recently, Cuba. While that's nice and all, sometimes you need to travel few extra time zones away to truly feel like you've left your boss, ex-boyfriend, or whatever else it may be, behind.

So for the ultimate out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere escape, we've found Milaidhoo Island Resort. Technically speaking, it is in the Maldives, but it's so tiny that it's easy to mistake it on Google Maps for a dirty spot on your iPhone screen. By the time you zoom out enough to see nearby land, the speck disappears entirely and just like that, we're sold.

The resort itself features all the modern luxuries one would expect, including infinity pools, hanging Maldivian swings, outdoor daybeds, a bar, wine fridge, flatscreen TV, soaking tub and separate rain shower. With two options available (beach pool villas and water pool villas), rates vary between $1,476 and $1,651 USD per night and include both breakfast and dinner. The best (and most relaxing) part though, is the seamless integration between the contemporary interior and the natural splendor of the outdoors. The villa opens up for 180-degree unobstructed views of the ocean, allowing guests to drift asleep with the soft Maldivian breeze tucking you in.

Of course Milaidhoo is more than just a villa, and the resort itself has plenty of bars, restaurants, room service, water sports, and excursions to keep you busy. You know, in case you need something other than pure paradise.