The designs and creations of Yves Saint Laurent have been praised for years, but now the late designer himself will be celebrated with the opening of a museum in Marrakech. Opening in 2017, the museum will be completely dedicated to his work, the history of his brand, and his life in the studio.

Located on the Rue Yves Saint Laurent (of course) near Jardin Majorelle (where his ashes were spread), the new museum will be a true memorial to the late visionary. Here you'll find many of his creations on display, showing his unique flare and taste for the finer things in life. There'll also be rotating exhibits to keep things fresh and evolving; after all, Laurent’s style was anything but usual. Once you’re done exploring the design and process of his greatest pieces, you can grab a cup of java at the museum's own cafe, do a little reading in the library, or dine at the onsite restaurant.

As the ultimate Saint Laurent experience, we're glad to see this tribute museum open in Marrakech. Yves fell in love with the Moroccan city in the 60s, so much so that he bought a second house there. Much of his work was also done in the city, so it's especially fitting that a museum dedicated to his work be constructed there.

But if your travel plans don't include Morocco any time soon, another Yves Saint Laurent museum is being built in Paris and is set to also open next year.