Thanks to US President Donald Trump, tension between the US and Mexico is at an all-time high. Between ideas about a wall, deportation of immigrants, and a crackdown on border security, it's become much harder for Mexicans to enter the US, and arguably much more dangerous.

This led to an interesting idea for a theme park in Mexico. The Eco Alberto Park in Hidalgo offers an illegal migrant experience, which is intended to deter locals from attempting the feat in real life. Complete with sounds like sirens and gunshots, the night walk leads guests through difficult pathways, along unstable bridges, and through dangerous forests. It even has a gang of very convincing armed bandits, which force the group down on the ground, and ends with trucks being confronted by police vehicles, placing guests under arrest. 

Though the experience only seems realistic, actually attempting to illegally cross the border is in fact very dangerous. For more on what it feels like, you can follow BBC reporter Mike Corey through the experience in this terrifying video.

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