the exterior of Casa Malca hotel in Tulum, Mexico

Pablo Escobar. The name surfaces words like 'drug lord', 'narco-terrorist', and 'billionaire.' He was a man who not only smuggled 80% of America's cocaine into the country, but made $21.9 billion a year in personal income doing it. Hell, the man made so much money that he once burned $2 million for warmth while he was on the run. He was a genius, a criminal, and a man with exceptional taste. Now, you can spend the night in one of Pablo Escobar's very own homes, and (legally) experience what it's like to live in his shoes.

According to Casa Malca's website, the home is "perched on the furthest corner of the Yucatan peninsula" in Tulum, Mexico. It had been sitting empty for a decade by the time it was discovered by its now owner, New York art dealer Lio Malca, who transformed it into a gorgeous boutique hotel. With nine spacious rooms in the house and an additional 26 scattered around the property, you can fall asleep to ocean breezes and the sound of lapping waves. Listen carefully enough, and you may just hear the voice of Pablo himself (kidding).

The house itself is certainly gorgeous, having used Tulum's precious resources and artisan crafts as materials. Contemporary art from Malca's personal collection adorn the walls, and a hidden underground steam room acts as a base. Whether you spend your days indoors or out on the private beach is up to you, but just know you'll be paying a pretty penny to do it: $1,400 a night, to be exact. Yeah, not all of us are as likely to burn through cash, though if we were this would be a great place to do it.

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