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You think seeing a cockroach or a used condom in your hotel room sucks? Try sleeping with a dead body under your bed. Granted, you can’t really blame the hotel, but still, what the actual fuck?

When guests checked out of room 323 at Hotel El Senador in Mexico City, the cleaning crew moved in to take care of their usual business. However, when their noses were met with an unusually foul stench, they investigated. In a nightmarish turn of events, they discovered the dead body of a woman, wrapped in plastic, under the bed. The worst part? They figure she had been there for over a week. That means that not one, not two, but multiple hotel guests had been dozing off over her decaying body for the length of their stay. A Mexican Bates Motel? Yeah, no, we’re good.

The woman was between 25 and 30 years old, and died from suffocation, but not much more information is available. While the hotel was able to confirm that she checked into the hotel with a man, there isn’t any actual camera footage of either of them, so no identities can be confirmed.

So when it comes to hotels, no, ignorance is not bliss. From the bed to the bathroom, we've taken the liberty of compiling a little five-point checklist for your next check-in to make sure your room is spick and span. You're welcome.

1. Check under the damn bed. Did you learn nothing from reading this?
2. Use a mini blacklight (or your phone like this) on literally everything. If you see bright white splotches under the purple lights, get out, get out, get ouuuttt.
3. Check the edges of the bed for bedbugs. Thanks to the way they process their victims' blood, they'll leave behind little brown bloodstains for you to find.
4. Do not, and I repeat, do not take the TV remote out of the plastic bag. If it's already naked, get it in a bag before you touch it because that, my friend, is the dirtiest thing in most hotel rooms.
5. Give the room a good once-over to check for any weird leftovers in the dresser, the bathtub, behind the curtains... you never know.