Situated on the jungle's edge of Juluchuca, Mexico lies the most gorgeous treehouse we have probably ever seen. Sure, we loved the decor of that one in Hawaii, and that other one in Thailand had views to kill for, but this takes the, well, whatever the Mexican equivalent of cake is.

Playa Viva is just north of Acapulco and is actually made up of 12 separate suites. While they vary in size and structure, they all are outfitted with huge beds, luxurious showers, tons of open areas, and even hammocks on the balconies. Better yet, you need not even feel the guilt that often comes with luxury accommodation — the treehouse is made from bamboo and is totally solar powered, from the energy to the hot water.

Time not spent in your cozy abode can be spent around the resort's grounds, whether it's shading yourself in the nearby palms or volunteering around the turtle sanctuary and mangrove forests, of which the resort is working to restore. The garden-to-table food is all grown on-site, and there's even daily yoga and pilates classes that you can take part in (excluding Sunday). 

Rates for the treehouse itself tend to sit around $520 USD per night, and can sleep three people between one king bed and one single. Still feel guilty? Airport pick-up and drop-off is included when you book for a three-night minimum, and food and drinks are always ready when you are. If you think about it, that's really just a smart investment.