Montreal’s food scene is made up of delicious cross-cultural culinary exchanges, influenced by here, there and everywhere else. Amidst the melting pot, there are few dishes nearer and dearer to the heart of a Montrealer than poutine. Poutine is the ultimate comfort food, an integral part of the city’s DNA, much like smoked meat, bagels and a Wilensky Special. Some people are purists, wanting nothing but the perfect blend of fries, cheese curds and gravy to gently lull them into a heavenly grease coma. Others see those three main ingredients as a jumping off point, the base for an infinite amount of toppings and flavours. No matter what your vibe is, here are the five top spots to grab a poutine that never disappoints.


La Banquise

994 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal

Known and loved by locals and tourists alike, La Banquise is notorious for hosting a multitude of first-time poutine eaters. This 24 hour diner is almost always packed after a night out, and boasts over 30 different types of poutine on its menu. Anyone in the mood for something quintessentially Montreal should try the smoked meat topped "La Obelix." Another standout is "La Folie", a Banquise specialty that lives up to it's name with a crazy set of toppings like mushrooms, corn, sautéed red onions, spicy sausage,bacon,sour cream, jalapeno poppers & pepper sauce.

Decarie Hot Dog

953 Boulevard Décarie, Saint-Laurent

Old school in every sense of the word, Decarie Hot Dog is one of those places that's remained remarkably unchanged since its opening in 1969 and in this case, that's a good thing. This cozy, unassuming fast food restaurant, tucked away in Montreal's Ville Saint Laurent district is home to what many swear is the best poutine in the city. Decarie Hot Dog keeps it low-key, opting to add nothing to the golden trifecta of fresh cut fries, gravy and cheese curds.

Au Pied De Cochon

536 Avenue Duluth E, Montréal

Meaty, decadent and long since buzzed about, Au Pied De Cochon offers up a fine dining take on poutine. The addition of foie gras elevates poutine from simplistic comfort food to a creative culinary experience. The food at Au Pied De Cochon is created from ultra-luxe ingredients and brought together under the deft hand of super renowned chef, Martin Picard.


25 Avenue Fairmount O, Montréal

If there's one thing Montrealers swear by, it's brunch. We fix up, look sharp and worship at the altar of bottomless mimosas, come rain, snow or shine. It's only natural that this obsession would lead to a breakfast inspired twist on poutine. Fabergé is a Mile End restaurant that absolutely nails it by mixing home fries with caramelized onions and peppers, cheese curds, hollandaise sauce and a sunny side up egg to create something delicious and unexpected.

Chez Claudette

351 Avenue Laurier E, Montréal

Nestled on a quiet street corner in the heart of the Plateau, Chez Claudette is the epitome of a laid back neighbourhood joint. Open 24 hours on most nights, Claudette is a staple for anyone on the hunt for a late-night snack and their poutines don't disappoint. Their "Italian Poutine" swaps out gravy for meat laden bolognese sauce. The "Porky", another Claudette classic, is made with ham and green peas and tastes like a wonderful, artery-clogging version of Sunday dinner with your grandparents.