Moscow Russia Rage Room Debosh Destroyery

If you’ve ever got so angry you wanted to throw your phone full-speed against a brick wall, we’re right with you. Rage is a terrifying thing, at least for those that have to witness it.

Luckily for us, Moscow has found the perfect way to help release our frustrations in a controlled environment, no phone damage necessary.

In what may be considered an unconventional form of therapy, you can pay to reserve a room full of junk at Debosh Destroyery, either for fun or as a way to blow off steam.

A true-to-life experience, which is already proving to be a massive hit, you can ask for a room which resembles your office or apartment and fill it with as much or as little furniture as will satisfy your rage. The cost depends on your requests, with prices ranging between $150-450. And what’s more, profits go to charity, so you can unleash the beast guilt-free.

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