Sunset over Nashville

Jeremy Cowart never planned on opening a hotel, and Kickstarter was never intended for it either. Both, however, are seeing a change of heart. Jeremy was a professional celebrity photographer who started the nonprofit Help-Portrait, where photographers travel the world and do shoots for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. Then one day, when Jeremy was staying in a chic hotel in Los Angeles on an assignment, he had the idea for The Purpose Hotel .

His vision is to create a hotel in Nashville where everything is sourced from a company that gives back to underprivileged communities. Each room at the hotel will sponsor a child's education, and fees and amenities within the hotel will give back as well. The internet fee will help fight human trafficking, and the in-room televisions will play documentaries on social change.

He turned to the popular crowdfunding tool Kickstarter, with an ambitious goal of $2 million. His deadline is September 2nd, and if he meets it, he plans to use the money to hire architects, designers, and a building engineer to draw up blueprints. He estimates that the total cost of the hotel would reach $100 million or more, and at this point is unsure of where that will come from.

Jeremy’s vision is still very much in the early stages, and he is likely to run into issues with including typical hotel luxuries (like a gym and business centre) that fit into the charitable mission of The Purpose Hotel. He is hopeful, however, that patrons with similar mindsets will understand and support his noble vision.