Everest mountain

The idea of climbing Mount Everest is a total life goal, but let's be realistic for just a second. If you're anything like us, you get sweaty and sore after ten minutes on the gym's Stairmaster, and that doesn't bode well for climbing nearly 30,000 feet in extreme weather conditions. Luckily, a luxury tour operator is making for easier access, offering a package that lets you helicopter up to breakfast on Everest.

Remote Lands' Himalayas by Helicopter tour takes travelers in Kathmandu to the South Base Camp, where they can explore the tallest mountain at 18,000 feet. After you're satisfied by all the sights, you'll then descend 5,000 feet to the Yeti Mountain Home lodge, where you'll be served a breathtaking breakfast with the Himalayas as your view. The tour will also take you to Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Base Camps.

Naturally, to skip the long and hard trek up the mountain and take the easy route is going to cost you. If you're looking to helicopter up for a meal on the mountain, you're looking at spending $10,000 for a group of two or three. The choice, then, is up to you: to train, or to save?