Weed Tourism

 With Colorado setting the stage for weed tourism vacations in the US, it was only a matter of time before more and more states jumped in on the action. Nevada is now the latest to join, though they've run into some, well, technical issues.

Apparently the green there is so good (and in such high demand) that they're quite literally running out. It's only been two weeks since sales first became legal, but with more than $3 million sold in just the first four days, you can see the issue. That said, if you were planning a trip to Nevada for some weed-tourism activities, you might want to slow down a little.

Luckily, Governor Brian Sandoval has issued a statement of emergency on the situation, and is proposing a vote to put emergency regulations in place. If passed, marijuana sellers will be allowed to collect their stock directly from the cultivation centre, and allow for more businesses to apply for licenses to sell it.

With so many jobs made and so much cash flow going into the states tax books, it sounds like a win-win. Let's just hope the goods can grow as fast as they're consumed.

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