We all love bubble tea — and if you don't, then who even are you? The colors, fun textures... we could slurp on those oversized straws and chew on those little tapioca balls all day. So imagine if you could spend some time inside a bubble tea cup? Well friends, now you can.

The concept of The Boba Room is one of Chaimi Food Studio, and is meant to make visitors feel like they're actually walking through a cup of bubble tea. According to an article by Eater, co-founders Yanqiong Zeng and Iris Danlu Xing felt that “life would be amazing if it occurred in a cup of bubble tea which constantly replenished its stock with the best tapioca and tea that Jesus himself could find.”

The room is located at 355A Bowery in New York City, and will be open to the public between April 22 and May 6. Stop by during those times and you can frolic between 25-inch "boba" balloons, six-foot-long gummy smiley faces, lollipops, hearts, and of course neon lighting. Oh, and not to worry — actual edible bubble tea is also included in your $10 ticket.

The whole thing reminds us a little of last year's Ice Cream Museum, which has since moved on to Los Angeles. Check out the space and grab tickets while you can!


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