Airbnb's latest offering, Experiences, covers everything from the average to the outstanding. Between sailing in Canada, attending a cabaret show in Paris, or even learning some new dance moves in New York, it's hard to come up with any one idea to outdo the rest. That is, unless you're a celebrity.

Sex and the City fans will all be familiar with Carrie Bradshaw, a fictional character who lives a romantic and fashionable life in upper Manhattan. Now the actress herself, Sarah Jessica Parker, will be offering tours of her beloved city to guests through Airbnb — and it's only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The tours will take place on October 6th, and will cover everything from shopping for shoes in Bloomingdales' flagship store, eating fro-yo at Forty Carrots, chatting with SJP about why she loves New York, and attending a New York City Ballet performance in a pair of designer SJP shoes. Seeing as Parker herself is on the board of the world-renown ballet company, all proceeds from the $400 Airbnb experience will go to the ballet.