a bowl of Japanese ramen with chopsticks on a tray

In a space of only 13 miles, the island of Manhattan has a plethora of restaurant options that can catch your eye and fill your stomach. Meandering through each New York City neighborhood means passing by the hundreds of bars and eateries that line the streets, and you'd better believe choosing that one perfect spot can be a life-altering decision.

Luckily we have the inside scoop on one of New York's famous foodie neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen. What was once a place of violence, crime, and gang-related activity has since become one of the most sought-after food-centric areas in the city — and for good reason. Hell’s Kitchen is predominantly known for it’s wide variety of eclectic cuisines. From Mexican to Moroccan, you can literally find it all here, and the best part is that compared to much of the rest of Manhattan, it's all at affordable prices.

Restaurant Row is one of the most popular stops in the district. Established twenty or so years ago, 'the row’ contains roughly twenty restaurants within a radius of just two blocks. It’s crazy how much is crammed onto this thin stretch of land, but in New York, what isn’t at least a little bit crowded?

But if you’re like us and eat pretty much everything in sight, a trip to the Gotham West Market is a necessity. Located at 600 11th Avenue, it's described by The Business Times as "one of the best food halls in the world," and according to New York Magazine,"It's heaven on earth."

First launched in 2013, the Gotham West Market has only become better with age. It was one of the very first food halls to open in the city, playing a part in sparking the foodie craze on Instagram and practically pioneering the #foodporn hashtag. With it’s central location to Hell's Kitchen, it’s clearly a spot to at least feast your eyes on. With quick service, a relaxed atmosphere, and a friendly environment, you can submerse yourself in stalls like Choza Taqueria, The Cannibal, Corner Slice, and more for literally hours on end.

When it comes down to it, New York's Gotham West Market is just one of those places that turns you into a foodie, regardless of whether or not you considered yourself one before.